Tips to Help Teens Concentrate

The teenagers are distracted easily from school work as well as other priorities by both personal and social activities. It can be hard for even highly intelligent teenagers in focusing with the homework among all the other things going on in their lives. Oftentimes, friends, sports, family, and romantic relationships have interference with their abilities in focusing with the academic work as well as other vital responsibilities.

Mindfulness practice can benefit the teens by helping them in cultivating empathy, concentration skills, and control of impulse. Mindfulness helps the teenagers with the navigation of the challenges of adolescence. The parents or teachers can give the young individuals the introduction to the practice of mindfulness or nonjudgmental awareness. It may take some work to convince the teenagers about the value to slow down. Below are some ways to teach mindfulness to the teenagers:

Model Mindfulness – The teenagers cannot be showed of the benefits of mindfulness practice without having been modeled. They need to have the demonstration of the abilities in managing stress and responding to the setbacks. Young individuals must need to see how the models pay attention and handle the challenges skillfully.

What’s In It For Them? – The teenagers may consider mindfulness to be completely not having relation with their busy and connected lives that is why it is essential to share with them some of the following research findings.

– According to the studies, students meditating prior to an examination perform better compared to those students who do not.
– Mindfulness practice aids in the improvement of concentration.
– Mindfulness-based interventions demonstrated a reduction of symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Teach Teens About Their Brain – The teenagers are fascinated with the way their brains work. They can be taught on how the mindfulness instruction is similar to getting the owner’s manual for their brain by teaching them regarding the parts of the brain and making use of their hands as a model.

The demonstration will focus on the brainstem which is responsible for breathing or heart rate, the limbic system which involves the memory and emotion, and the cortex which is responsible for thinking as well as self-regulation. The hand model helps to reveal how mindfulness helps in the thinking part of the brain process. Mindfulness plays a role in the brain’s neuroplasticity wherein the experiences transform the brains.

Teach Teens About Their Focus – It is essential to explain to the teenagers that anxiety is truly “in the head” especially during a stressful week of finals. The stress is coming from the worrying brains that ruminate on all the worst scenarios that could possibly happen. It should be taught that much of the mind’s chatter is only a chatter and not real. Mindfulness can teach the adolescents to become aware of their thoughts and be able to have acknowledgement on anxiety without having to get caught up with the negative thoughts that it generates.

There’s an App for That! – The “Insight Meditation Timer” app can be used in practicing mindful breathing. Other apps include “Take a Break!”, “Stop, Breathe, and Think”, and “Smiling Mind”.