Successful Study Tips For Teens

In this video you will learn some successful study tips that teenagers can use to prepare for their exams.

Here are some of the highlights from the video:

– Remove all electronic devices. Turn off the cell phone, TV, radio, game system and computer. Stay away from Facebook, Twitter etc to help you focus.

– Be in a comfortable spot to study. Try to avoid your bed as you may fall asleep.

– Have good lighting. Low lighting will encourage you to sleep.

– Have good nourishment. Study snacks nearby can help you keep distraction away. Nuts, fruit, and healthy stuff is better than soda and candy.

– Organize your work to complete some easy things first. This will help you have plenty of momentum to keep going and stay motivated.

– Write every thing down and set a time limit.

– If music is a distraction, turn it off. If music with words is a distraction, try instrumental music. This may depend on the type of studying you’re doing.

– Don’t rush it.

– Try going in to an alpha state – basically it is a type of meditation to help you get relaxed, focused and in a good mind state.

– stretch your study time. Try getting your study time in earlier than the night before. Break it down in to smaller chunks of 30 minutes.

– Jot down your ideas down on a flash card to give you a quick overview of what you have learned. Quiz yourself on your answers to help reinforce it in your mind. Also it helps to break down the core idea so you will be ready for the test.

– Have a great breakfast on the day of the test. This will help you concentrate.

– Bring your flashcards and review them before the test.

Here are some more tips to help you at school as well as tips to help you concentrate.