Early Childhood Education

Early childhood is a vital stage in life with regards to the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development of the kids. At this period, the growth of physical and mental abilities is progressing at an amazing rate and there is also learning at very high proportion. It is during this time that the kids necessitate high quality learning experiences as well as personal care.

Early childhood education refers to the branch of educational theory relating to the teaching of young kids up until eight years old having a specific focus on education which is notable in the period prior to the beginning of the compulsory education. Based on Jean Piaget’s philosophy and research, the focus of early childhood education is on the learning of the kids through play. The center of the belief is the power of play which is to meet the needs of the kids with regards to the physical, language, social, intellectual, and emotional aspects of their being. The development of skills in various areas of play is influenced according to the interests of the kids. It is vital for the practitioners to make use of different kinds of play on every day basis for the promotion of the development of the kids.

Children are able to have more efficient learning and can gain additional knowledge through play-based activities including art, dramatic play, and social games. The theory of play is based on the natural curiosity as well as imagination of the kids and this allows the occurrence for topic lessons. The key points of play is to have both safe and healthy environment, right supervision, lots of space, quality care, appropriate attitudes and cultural awareness of the practitioners, and to be knowledgeable on the foundation of early childhood stage. Click to here to read more about the benefits of early childhood education.

The Early Childhood Care & Education program’s purpose is providing educational opportunities that will enable the individuals in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes which are essential for the success in the field of Early Childhood Care & Education. The program gives emphasis on the combined right developmental practices needed to succeed with employment.

The following includes the goals of Early Childhood Care and Education:

Provision for education that gives acknowledgment to the differences of individuals and gives respect to the rights of individuals in seeking educational needs’ fulfillment.

Provision for education and developing the potential of every student in becoming a responsible, productive, and upwardly mobile member of the educational community.

Provision for an environment that promotes encouragement of the individual in benefiting and contributing as a partner in the surrounding communities’ development, progress, and stability with regards to the economy.

Provision for a quality education relating to early childhood development as well as care in an atmosphere fostering both enthusiasm and interest for learning.

Preparation for future graduates to function as members who hold the responsibility and accountability within their preferred profession.

Preparation of the program graduates to have the highest competency level given the constraints of the individual’s both interests and levels of abilities.

To foster employers to have understanding, participation, and confidence in the graduates’ competence with the Early Childhood Care and Education program.

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