Become a Positive Mentor for Youth

mentoring-teenMentoring is a process involving communication. It involves the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and psychosocial support which is being perceived by the recipient to have relevance to career, work, or professional development. It provides support as well as encouragement to individuals in managing their own learning so that they can maximize their potentials, have development of their skills, have improvement with their performances, and become the individuals they desire to be. It is the partnership between two individuals who work together in the same field or share the same experiences.

The mentor provides guidance to the student by helping them look for the right direction in developing solutions to issues. The mentor helps the student to have the belief in oneself and be able to boost their own confidence. Based on a study, kids with mentors have been more confident and have fewer problems with regards to behavior. Non-parent mentors, including the clergy, teachers, and civic leaders, have been highly instrumental on how the teens have learned believing in themselves and tackling goals which are challenging.

The qualities in becoming a good mentor for the youth are as follows:

– You are Supportive – The most vital role of a mentor is to provide support and encouragement to young individuals especially during the times of struggling in overcoming the obstacles and solving the problems. When young individuals feel down, unhappy with life situations, or upset with families, the mentors are there allowing them to talk about anything and to give them reminders on their innate value.

– You are an Active Listener – Mentors initially listen then talk last. A lot of teens have mentioned that they are less listened by majority of the adults. They frequently feel inferior even if they have good ideas. The mentors are different because they listen most of the time even if it is not their obligation.

– You Push – – Just Enough – Parents can attest that majority of the teens do not respond well to being pushed out from their comfort zones specifically within families. However, the teens want to have high expectations to be set for them personally and academically. They appreciate it when the mentors will push them beyond the imagination of what they can accomplish. It is likely the reason that mentored youth coming from the disadvantaged backgrounds are likely to be attending college.

– You Have Authentic Interest in Youth as Individual – Teens can tell who are truly interested in them and who are not. The mentors engage the youth in understanding all of the aspects of their lives and interests. They give value to the ideas of the individuals and give honor to their changeable moods and feelings.

– You Foster Self Decision-Making – Good mentors do not judge young individuals or impose their personal beliefs on them rather they help them in believing that they acquire the insights in making good choices. Young individuals will have critical thinking on decision-making when they know that they are not being judged.

– You Lend Perspective – Mentors provide perspective to young individuals from their additional years of experiences in life. As the obstacles may seem to be overwhelming, the mentors will help in putting those challenges in perspective. They give help to young individuals in seeing the two sides of a situation.

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some resources for different literacy programs as well as thank several of our supporters.

We would like to show support for the Volunteers of America who encourage positive youth development by helping provide services for disadvantaged and disconnected children and youth. Each year they assist more than 100,000 disadvantaged children.

We would also like to highlight the excellent work being conducted by the nonpartisan policy research and educational organization called Perform Well. They continue to study children at all stages of development and provide insight in to the different impacts many programs have on children and youth development.

Thank you to Certified Nursing Assistant Classes for their work with job placement and training for youth in the medical profession. We greatly appreciate the time and energy you’ve devoted to helping teens find jobs and gain valuable work experience that will help them grow in to responsible and able citizens.

Thank you to anyone, we at FUSE might have missed – we appreciate all of your support and look forward to helping many more of our youth achieve success in 2017.